Published on February 15, 2022

What is the project? Why is it so Urgent? What is
its purpose?
The proposed Parish Centre comprises a single-storey building
of 315 square meters located to the south side of the church and
comprising of a large meeting hall, office, meeting rooms and
coffee dock. Further to this, landscape to the front of the site
continues out to Scoil Choca Naofa encouraging interaction
amongst a closed off space. The first part of the project is to
donate church land to allow the provision of a pathway to the
school to ensure that children going to Scoil Choca Naofa do
not walk on the road. We also intend to widen the narrow and
dangerous curve for the safety of the public and the other road
users. This project will cost in the region of €1,000,000 and will
enable all our various groups to participate in the life of the
community. We have €215,000 assets at the moment.
The Purpose
To provide a space for Youth Outreach, a space for cultural,
artistic and entertainment activities, safe facilities for our
elderly to engage, facilities for musical training by different
groups, facilities for the various committees that underpin
parish life and wider circle, facilities for administration and
commercial activities of the parish (shop), enable faith
formation, facilities for refreshments after funerals and other
such events, opportunities to preserve and promote Irish
Heritage and traditions. We are currently reaching out to the
Diaspora and local community to take part in this endeavour to
ensure this facility is available to all for many generations to
To make this project happen we look forward to your valuable
support and generous contribution of Monthly €25, Quarterly
€75, Annually €300 and Five years €1500. Any other form of
support would also be much appreciated.